Menu ‘‘à la carte’’

Discover a variety of new meals every week and ingredients prepared in different ways. We offer you 6 choices every week. Without a subscription, you are free to select the quantity you want for each meal. You can also modify and upgrade your meals as you want. Try our dish with meat, tofu, chickpeas, nuts, cheese, play with the different options, dare to go wild!

Fixed menu *available in 2021*

The ultimate simplicity. The Cadillac of a stress-free healthy lifestyle! What do you think of a weekly delivery of your healthy meals for the week without any effort? Take a minute here to same time in the next weeks. Select the number of meals you want and receive a random variety of fresh meals each week. You can choose meat-free option or add animal protein substitutions. 
There's nothing simpler than getting home, opening the fridge and having a variety of nutritious and delicious choices of dinner and supper! This option is the simplest and least expensive.

Let us take care of your diet and save your time, it's precious!

Custom menu

Do you need a specific diet? You have a medical or health condition that needs a diet low in salt, low in fat, rich in protein, high or low in dietary fiber? Contact our registered dietitian to assess your nutritional needs to personalize our meals that will be right for you.