Protein Chili

$11.65 per portion

Typical healthy comfort food! A mix of several nutritious ingredients (tomato, onion, red bean, chickpea, sweet potato, corn, cashew nuts, soy protein), brown rice and a touch of homemade vegan sour cream! Gluten-free

Thai Soup * frozen *

$9.99 per portion

A soup inspired by Thai cuisine, with curry, coconut milk, baby corn, tomato, pepper, coriander, mushroom, rice vermicelli, well garnished and tasty!

Mango General Tao 🥭 * frozen *

$12.95 per portion

A classic of vegetarian cuisine! Organic tofu cubes marinated and cooked in a sweet Asian-style / ginger / sesame sauce served with red pepper, broccoli, brown and black rice and an M-I-A-M mango and coriander chutney! Gluten-free


$12.95 per portion

A pleasant blend of two classics: Bénédictine and '' Chicken Waffle ''. Homemade waffle, caramelized onion, zucchini, asparagus, fried seasoned tofu, plant-based hollandaise sauce, sweet potato and fruit ketchup! * new *

Pinto Enchiladas * frozen *

$11.55 per portion

made with whole wheat tortillas, legumes (pinto, beans), onion, tomato, Mexican sauce, au gratin and served with homemade sour cream, grilled vegetables and couscous!