Founded in 2019, Nutriva is a young concept linking two important aspects of health- food and nutrition. Operating mainly in the Outaouais, Nutriva produces and delivers healthy meals that promote a balanced diet.

Our mission

The concept suggests an efficient and simple way to eat healthy and effective with its complementary and unique services. The goal is to eliminate barriers to a healthy and balanced diet.

With the online ordering web technology and the expertise of employees in nutrition, health and gastronomy, the company distinguishes itself by the complementary arrangement of all these expertise.

The Nutriva’s interprofessional team collectively brings together each other's knowledge and experience to provide you a high-quality service.

The Team

Véronique Dion-Cyr

Véronique Dion-Cyr
B.Sc. Nutrition | founder & kitchen manager

Graduated from the University of Ottawa in Nutrition science, Véronique is a huuuuge ‘‘foodie’’. Adept of a diversity of food, she also has a strong passion for gastronomy, food photography, nutrition, health and well-beeing. These interests combined have created a desire to start the Nutriva project. Véronique was involved in the community, the nutrition program and in school in several projects always with the aim of improving the health and quality of life of people. It is with her knowledge acquired in nutrition and food and her experiences in the management of food service that she establishes a health food company in Outaouais. Having experienced the difficulty of balancing healthy eating with lack of time, she hopes to help more people overcome this barrier of a balanced diet by offering healthier prepared meals services. She wants you to discover new flavors, new dishes, new ingredients and that eating healthy, becomes synonymous with pleasure and flavors.

Caroline Wang

Caroline Wang
Dietitian / Nutritionist | partner

Caroline collaborates with Nutriva to provide meals tailored to your needs and goals. Meet with her to define your needs and goals, and Nutriva will prepare meals for you. Caroline also accompanies you to reach your goals, with a practical and caring approach. She likes to share information in nutrition, promote caring in eating, and facilitate cooking and eating. Follow her on Facebook!